My work

I have always had a passion for art and interior design. As a child, I remember having two loves: the feel of clay in my hands and the latest copy of my favorite design magazine. 

Not much has changed. I began working as an interior decorator at a young age. But over time, I realized my passion wasn’t just in the placing of beautiful objects, but the creation of them as well.

I never run out of inspiration for my hand-built ceramic creations. My ideas can come from anywhere: the mood of a baroque painting, a passage in a novel I’m reading,  wet moss on a spring day, or the latest trend in a décor magazine. My work is a fusion of the myriad sources that inspire me. Now, I'm thrilled to bring my love of art and design together in a shop where I can share them with others.


Ginger Baker is an Alabama native. She graduated with a B.F.A. from the University of Alabama in sculpture and ceramics. She lives in Gadsden with her husband, son and two cats, where she is launching the art gallery and design store, Domain, in 2016.

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